Some thoughts about the Pillow Pile sleeping mode.

For the past few weeks I've been sleeping in the living room, on the giant beanbag chair with a bunch of pillows. Big pillows, little pillows, pretty much every pillow that feels nice against my naked skin has migrated to this nest.

Some things I have noticed:

* I like kind of being in a bit of a trench, with pillows pressed against my front and back. It is very calming, and I suspect it may be activating some remnant of the human infant's swaddling reflex to help me chill out and fall asleep.

* I have a couple of soft sculpture tails. Both have migrated to the pile. Often I find myself wearing the dragon tail to bed; it's kind of cool to essentially have a long pillow attached to my butt. Said tail has a few curves in it, and I find it very comforting to coil it around one of my legs whenever possible. Again, body pressure feels good.

* I am finally understanding people who sleep while cuddling body pillows. I'm doing much the same. Except with multiple separate pillows instead of one big one.

* I need like two or three more normal-sized pillows and maybe a couple more little ones to really make this work.

* Arranging all these pillows can do very interesting things in terms of finding and releasing tension in my spine. Last night I felt like I was unwinding some muscles near the base that never relax. It is a fiddly process but it is very nice when I get everything arranged Just Right.

Anyway. Those are some things I contemplated last night while sleeping in my hoard of pillows, wearing a dragon tail, with a mound of doubloons next to the pillows.

huzzah! curtains!

Yay! I just pounded a couple of drywall anchors in and screwed down the brackets for my living room curtains. Light still seeps through the velvet, even with the blinds closed, but it’s cut down far enough that I can sprawl in there and suffer a few deaths in Dark Souls in the middle of the afternoon if I feel that desire.

This will also open up possibilities like “sprawling in the living room with the boyfriend and a movie in the middle of the day”.

I would still like to add some finesse to the curtains, as well as add some sheer red ones behind the purple ones for visual flair, but they are fully functional for the reason I got them.

I spent about $100 for the double rods, clip rings, and spiral finials, and close to $200 for the raw velvet. I could have spent less but, I think, not a TON less. I could have also spent a lot more.

some stuff happened

This weekend I decided to put some curtains in the living room. There are times in summer when I just want to sit down for a little video game break, and the sunlight coming from outside is way too intense for my little projector to throw a visible image. I’d been taping up some spare art board but that was (a) a pain in the ass and (b) ugly.

So I did some research online into the basics, and walked up to Northgate to hit Bed, Bath, and Beyond for a double rod, some swirly finials, and some clip hooks, and the fabric store for about four and a half yards of dark purple velvet. I’m planning to add some sheer red behind it once I get things arranged to my liking; one thing at a time.

I just got it up and liked what I saw, then took it down because I was using holes the previous occupants had drilled, that weren’t really up to the task of holding these heavy things up. I’m going to have to slip some screw anchors in there tomorrow for a solid grounding. I’ll also see how well it cuts down indirect sunlight reflecting off the white building next door; I may have to add some sort of lining to make them a bit more opaque. They’re not amazing but for about $300 total they look pretty good, and will likely look even better once I spend maybe a half hour hemming it, sewing some folds into the top of it, and hooking the rings in so they’re hidden by the top.

Hmm. What else have I been up to? I haven’t updated this in a week or so. Nothing amazing: slowly working on the next page of Rita, which includes a crazy background; getting some flowers to put on the coffee table in the studio, going to pole dance classes. I’m still not even anywhere near “terrible” at pole but I’m learning, and getting in shape as well – there will be days when my legs ache all day long, and I just grin, because it’s the ache of shaving stretched them like crazy the day before.

I’m also getting definite results from having that chin-up bar on the bathroom door. Unless I’m completely wiped out from doing something else beforehand, I can very consistently get my eyes up past the top of the door, go up and down a little bit a few times, and then bring my feet back to the ground in a slow, controlled fashion.

And now, some progress shots from that page…

Hopefully I’ll get this page done tomorrow. Just in time for me to go off to Portland for Furlandia!