The Champagne of Tears

This week, Nick described cryptobro sadness as “the champagne of tears”. We decided this needed to be on a shirt. A few days later, Bitcoin had dropped from around $30k to below $20k, and I’d finished this drawing.

It is, of course, available on a shirt.

Astute’s Stipplism plugin was incredibly useful in making all these little bubbles with cryptocurrency symbols in them. It took some fiddling but once that was done I had a pressure-sensitive brush that scattered randomized crypto bubbles wherever I pleased. It’s a nice replacement for Illustrator’s native scatter brushes that I’m gonna have to play with some more in the future; AI’s scatter brushes can only do one shape, and changing the distance the shapes are randomly placed around your path based on stylus pressure really doesn’t work well at all.

I found out there is an NFT convention happening in New York next weekend and if printing times were faster I would love to reimburse someone for getting a bunch of stickers of this and putting them up around that area. But I don’t think that’s manageable. And buying space on the billboards in Times Square is probably three or four orders of magnitude more expensive than my entire net worth.

Anyway. If you want this on a shirt, or a mug, or a sticker, or whatever else is convenient to have around that one dude in your life who wouldn’t shut up about NFTs and cryptocurrency, you can get one over here.

Katrina Talks About Bitcoin

Today, I drew in one of the Rita omnibusses that needs that done, then got stoned and went to Trader Joe’s, where one guy working there who I’d had a conversation with about cryptocurrencies a couple weeks ago asked me a few Cryptocurrency 101 kinds of questions.

And that got me thinking about cryptocurrencies, and about maybe setting up Nick’s old PC as a host for a few graphics cards that’re busy mining some of them, and about the fact that really most of the people who made a lot of money in the Gold Rush were not the people who actually went out and did the mining, but the people who sold things to them, and then I ended up thinking that “a cute cartoon character who talks about this stuff”  is the kind of thing that might end up in people being interested in paying me a mix of cash and cryptocurrency to talk about their cryptocurrency. And something that might help make the cryptocurrency I own have a better chance of being worth obscene amounts of value somewhere in the future. Cryptocurrency cryptocurrency cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency.

Katrina is of course based on an actual toy dragon who lives on my desk on top of some petty cash, and who has a very-forgotten twitter at @bandylegstrina.

I also spent a fair amount of time as I was drawing this on encapsulating a lot of settings into Graphic Styles, so it should be pretty simple to draw her quickly if I actually want to do more of this.