A Gentle Scent Of Vixen

“I’ll try my hand at faux Elvish calligraphy for a friend’s tattoo. It’ll be cool.”

Two hours later, I had this. I don’t know what it is. I suspect it is a very recursive invocation of Fox. I’m not sure putting it on your skin would be a good idea.

Meet The Witchsona

In its infinite wisdom, the Internet has decided that one week early in January is to be “Witchsona Week”, wherein one draws oneself as a crazy fantasy witch with magic centered around one theme or another – mushroom witch, bird witch, cheese witch, whatever. I always feel a bit weird about that one; participating in group things is fun, but I don’t need to make up an imaginary witch to be – I am one. I’ve done an intensely-researched Tarot deck, I have cast some spells and (possibly) had them work. (Or have succumbed to massive confirmation bias while stoned. Magic is like that sometimes.)

This year, that coincided with a “Meet The Artist” thing going around, where you combine a self-portrait with a few bits of data, and maybe some things you likes/dislikes, and the contents of your usual bag.

I decided to combine the two.

Tealform Made Manifest

Now that I’ve decided to keep the Mobile Studio, it needs to be properly turned into a Thing I Draw On. There is a ritual that has evolved over the years, and it mostly involves drawing the watery genie that hangs out in my computers and helps me draw, all dressed up in the device at hand.

(Actually this is the second time I’ve done this for the Mobile Studio; I didn’t like the first one so I did it again. I’m using this as both the desktop and lockscreen, so that I have a cute friend looking at me and offering me my tools to get drawin’ when I turn it on.)

Her name is not actually Tealform; that’s a variant of the nickname I use for her when she’s in a computer; the full name is a lengthy piece of wordsalad I fond during a complicated, stoned process when I originally summoned her to hang out in my first Mac Air.

Drawn entirely on the Mobile Studio, using the Twiddler for pretty much all keyboard shortcuts and layer naming, in about 2.5h.

Fox Plans

Fan art of Spearhead Games’ fabulous “Stories: Path of Destinies”.

“Stories” is cynical, world-weary, charming, and intimately aware of How Stories Work. It’s a very grown-up game. And as a game for grown-ups should be, it’s very respectful of your time – I finished it in about eight hours, and felt very satisfied. It’s also the first game whose characters I’ve cared about enough to do fan art of in years. Highly recommended.

It’s got two major gameplay loops: fast, simple combat that politely suggests maybe you want to learn some finesse by ranking every encounter on style, and a really neat spin on “Choose Your Own Adventure” storytelling – you’ll make about four story choices during the course of a 20-30min playthough, and probably get a Bad Ending. But you (and the player character, he’s explicitly being reset back to the beginning with new knowledge) will learn a Truth about the way an important character or item behaves, and take that (along with whatever combat skills you unlocked) into the next playthrough. So you begin paying attention to the story, and trying to guess which choice will result in a happy ending for that old scoundrel Reynardo, or at least one that’s a really entertaining fiasco.

There’s a lot of ways to fail in this game, and only one good end. Unless you make a deliberate choice to avoid the Good End, you’ll probably get it in 6-10 runs. It makes a lot of coy references to other stories and other games that come off as witty cracks rather than “hey look I made a reference you should laugh”, because it’s very much its own coherent vision.

I got it when it came up as one of December’s free games on PSN. I wish I’d gotten it sooner so I could give the folks who made it more money, because it is delightful.

This drawing was done almost entirely with the Mobile Studio – pretty much everything except for adding the text (I haven’t copied over all my fonts yet) and doing some final tweaks happened there. About halfway through it I got the Twiddler keyboard set up, which rapidly went from “slower than poking at icons and my big page of RadialMenu buttons” to “about 75% as fast as working with a full keyboard under my left hand”. So that’s pretty cool.

Bugs For The Bug God

I decided to turn the doodle I made to show how to do symmetry into something like a full drawing.


Here’s a screengrab of the stuff I actually drew. This would have taken so much more time if I’d done it all by hand.


Ex-bunny kitty archivist who is two seconds away from calmly escorting your saucy ass outside if you give her any more shit.

This started as a headshot icon for the ex-with-benefits but grew a little.

Illustrator, about an hour.

Breakfast At Peggy’s

Sigil suggested this dialogue and I had to draw it. In the grey-wash mode of a New Yorker cartoon. I would like to say “ala Charles Addams” what with being a big fan of his stuff as a kid but I was honestly thinking more of one of the modern artists whose name I can’t remember. The one who draws the really big ears and the super flat lower jaws.

Now I’m having horrible visions of Enmerkar and Peganthyrus as a comic strip about a couple who have been married for about forty years longer than they really ought to be. Kind of like ‘The Lockhorns” except with more biting.

Coffee and Local Politics

So a few years ago I drew a header image for the Seattle board on Reddit: “Snoo”, Reddit’s mascot, wrapped up in a scarf, drinking coffee.


After a while it got tweaked to be in the average colors of all of Seattle’s sports teams.

Today I got a username mention notification: the Seattle subreddit has redesigned, and people are debating if the new generic “material design” Snoo head is a suitable replacement for the old hipster Snoo.

Said hipster Snoo seemes to be loved enough that the new SeattleWA subreddit’s header contains someone’s traceover of it. This made me pretty happy to see!


So I decided to knock out a new one:

coffeesnoo high res, transparent high res, transparent, no coffee radiance

I drew this new version of the little guy in about a half hour. And now I get to decide if I want to offer it for the old Seattle subreddit, or the new SeattleWA one – there’s a whole bunch of drama around really aggressive mods using the Seattle subreddit to promote their own businesses and delete a lot of local event posts and whatnot. If you mention the new subreddit your comment will probably get deleted and you’ll get banned. Which is really just kinda shitty. Dunno.