Dracula Party: teaser

This is a silly version of a panel from a story I’ve been working on about a vampire. I’ll post it here somewhere down the line; it’s slated to be in an anthology of comics by trans creators that’s currently finishing up its Kickstarter. If you’re supporting me on Patreon, you can see it right now.

Next up: finishing my page for the coloring book stretch goal of that Kickstarter, and figuring out how I’m gonna fulfill this promise I made to do an 8p romance story for a book at a Mainstream Comics Publisher. Probably by doing some Parallax backstory stuff, to be honest.

Frater Billy’s Pocket Goetia



So this is a thing I did for a zine Evan Dahm put together a while back. The zine was called “Hail Stan!”, and the basic idea was “misunderstood or misheard comedy Satanism”. It was printed in black on red paper. I’m pretty sure Nick helped me come up with some parts of this.

Every time I look at these I giggle, and think I’d like to make some more Pocket Goetia trading cards.

History Lesson


Yesterday, the Supreme Court handed down a ruling: two people of any gender can get married anywhere in the US. I painted my nails rainbow colors to celebrate. Then I decided I wanted to draw something as well, and this fell out.

Really, I feel like this is kind of the fate of every holiday celebrating some ethnicity’s independence in the US: “hey I guess these people are cool but what’s really important here is drinking funny-colored liquor. And maybe dressing funny, too.” And once every single battle a LGBTQI* activist could dream of has been won, that’s what will remain of Pride.

* * * * *

If you are the kind of person who likes to share stuff on Tumblr, I bothered to do a separate post there this time with the image chopped up for better display. It’s here.