All Gates Open

Recently, I got a printer. It’s a Brother color laser and I’m pretty happy with it. When I was setting up Frater Printy (as it has been named), I did a couple of test prints of a witch with giant titties to calibrate some color settings, and ended up sticking one of those prints on the outside of my studio door.

I decided I wanted something a bit less openly horny to be on the closed door; I drew a quick sketch of my magicsona, and a few days later I spent an hour coloring it.

I am especially happy with how I made the sparkles on the golden shoes happen.

There’s three fills: an orange fill, and two gradients with Astute’s Symbol Stipple effect applied to them, making use of a new switch in the latest update of that which lets me set the symbols to not be cropped by the original path’s edge. The frequency and size of the symbols varies with the gradient’s brightness. Works out pretty nice.

Full Illustrator source is over on Patreon; prints/stickers/t-shirts/etc are on Redbubble.

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