current status: looking stonedly at my current desktop image and completely losing interest in Twilight Sparkle’s Goatse Impression to note that, wow, there’s some really terrible jpeg artifacts on the hot magenta of her cutie mark and the stripe in her hair.

Going from a 24″ monitor to a 27″ has been really interesting, I am noticing a lot more of these kinds of things in the endless rotation of my FA favorites through my desktop. I have also noticed that the menu bar is just too far away now. It’s not even any physically further away from what I’m doing, it’s the same place on the drawing tablet, but I find myself using a lot of windows that don’t completely fill up the screen and that extra distance is breaking something in my head a little.

This may also be coming from the fact that this monitor has a super-tiny bezel and the Mardi Gras beads I had hanging over the edge of the old monitor are now hanging over the left edge of the screen. I dunno. Maybe I need a frame for this thing so that everything displayed upon it immediately becomes Art, in the same way the ornate frame surrounding the projector’s image on the living room wall turns every game I play on the ps4 into Art. And which I can also hang these beads over.

(And because I know someone is gonna ask: here is the original image, it is by professional pony porn provider Bakuhaku, and it is fabulously NSFW.)

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