shortcuts: many

Today, one of the people on the Astute Graphics slack posted a spreadsheet they’d made to analyze the text generated when you hit ‘export text’ in Illustrator’s keyboard shortcut prefs.

I, uh, kind of have a lot of shortcuts here, don’t I. It is nice to be able to quickly confirm how full the alphabetic keys are – I have all of ten keys left in the “command-something-letter” department, and seven left in the “letter-maybe-plus-shift” area. (These are two distinct shortcut zones, [key] and [shift-key] are generally for stuff in the toolbar, while [command-something-key] is for stuff in the menus. And a smattering of other stuff not in the menus.)

This doesn’t capture actions bound to the f-keys, nor does it capture scripts that I trigger via Quicksilver. I have a lot of shortcuts.

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