Twin is a sentient black hole. (She) would prefer not to eat you, but if (she) suddenly starts feeling very downhill from you, it is a good idea to be on your best behavior.

In (her) retirement (she) has developed a bit of a drinking habit.

(Today I read some discussion of MUDs and found myself thinking about the SF furry RP MUCK Puzzlebox, where Twin manifested a little after the turn of the century. Later on I ended up living with Puzzlebox’s head wizards, and am pretty much married to one of them at this point. My life would have been very different without being bent around Twin’s presence. So I decided to draw (her) and this is what came out.)

(Also fwiw, Twin generally shapes (her) event horizon into a form that is functionally neuter, but socially femme. Hence the parenthetical pronouns.)

Illustrator, about 1h.

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