pizza with an old boss, sorta

Well. I’d been dreading this for a while and it finally happened tonight.

There is a pizza place nearby. Theo’s. They make pretty good pizza. Their serving process is a little goofy: you make your order at the counter, then they give you a stand with a laminated picture of a celebrity or a cartoon character on it, for you to put at your table so they know where to bring the pizza when it’s done. Harmless enough, right?

Not when one of them is Ren and Stimpy, and you worked at Spumco.

They were totally chill about it, thankfully. Swapped with Glenn Danzig. Who may have his own litany of terrible associations but I just know of him as a musician who exists.

I put it out of my mind and spent the time waiting for the pizza to come out with Kim Stanley Robinson’s new book, “The Ministry For The Future”, instead of with my memories of working under John. It was a good pizza, too.

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