long day

Today I went to the park with Nick and read a while, and also sat there listening to a distant band playing and watched the tiny trains now fitted out with plexiglass shields between the seats pass by, and felt like the place I’d moved back to was just about as magical as all the phantasmagorical cities described in the book I was reading (Lord Valentine’s Castle, by Robert Silverberg).

And then we went home and I hopped on the bike and went down to the hardware store where I got a new shower head and a long strip of edging; I was mostly there for the latter, which I intend to nail onto the bottom of the doors to deal with the fact that there is a gap between them and the floor that’s probably big enough for a tiny kitten to squirm under, not a thing you want when one of the cats who lives under the house came inside and said “hi I don’t know what’s happening” and ejected two tiny kittens into our lives. (Said cat is currently living in a box in Nick’s room, nursing those two kittens.) Cycling home with an eight foot piece of wood strapped to the side of my bicycle was awkward but surprisingly easier than I feared it might be.

And then I went out to pick up some barbecue for dinner and when I got back it was just in time to see the mama cat trying to cover up after pooping on the yoga mats in front of my standing desk, because we had changed the litter to something theoretically more suitable for tiny kittens than expanding clay bits, and she no longer registered it as a place to poop and had been holding it all day.

So after cleaning that up I hopped on my bike again and went out to grab some litter than I hope she will find more acceptable and we refilled the litter box and we very pointedly refrained from screaming at this poor little kitty who is probably already weirded out by the change from outdoors cat to indoors cat.

And then after some video games to de-stress I put in the new shower head and took a shower and that was really really really good.

Also goddamnit I upgraded my site’s WordPress installation the other day and now the Classic Editor is broken and I have to use the new editor and I really hate it. I accidentally hit return in the middle of the previous paragraph and I could not reconnect the resulting two paragraphs by hitting delete, it is really annoying.

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