The Empress’ Walkies

This past week there was a bunch of drama in the furry scene over the new site “Furrylife.Online” and their public vote as to whether or not allow “feral” characters – which is to say, animals that go around on all four legs but can talk. It got really complicated and it’s kind of hilarious to see the admin post where they try to find a logical justification for the final vote results of “ferals getting busy isn’t okay, but feral dragons/gryphons/other mythical critters are okay, also so are Pokemon and Digimon and My Little Ponies because the furry fandom sure did end up with a lot of MLP fan-insertion characters holy shit”.

I happened to be working up a multi-character YCH commission during this. For laughs, I decided to put in a slot where the winner would be turned into a feral pet who is getting fed tasty treats.

And this slot took off almost immediately in a bidding war. So I found myself thinking about that subject, and wondering if maybe I wanted to delve into it a bit more. And then when I sat down with Illustrator to explore this, I thought of how Erté did like six hundred variations on the them of “tall fashionable lady taking a big cat for a walk” and decided to riff on it.

And when I was done with that rough, I said, hey, fuck it, I’m just gonna finish this for myself and my SO. So here is Peganthyrus taking Rezeya for a walk on a hot summer day.


Also there is a mostly-nude version. NSFW.

  1. And, of course, “feral” doesn’t mean anything like how furry fandom uses the term. It does not mean four-footed but rather “formerly domesticated but now living wild”. An animal can go feral, but it cannot be born so.

    But then, members of fandom using the term correctly is about as likely as their getting “lie” an “lay” right.

    • Came here to post the same thing. Also to add: this is also the fandom that thinks they know how to use the words “digitigrade” and “plantigrade” (and that those are useful distinctions as far as animal classifications go), but also usually spell it “digigrade.”

      Plus, “morphic,” which literally just means “has a shape.”

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