I just spent about an hour stuffing a wire into the brim of the floppy red straw hat I got when I was first down in NOLA searching for an apartment and now it is SO much better.

Maybe I’ll spend another hour to redo the yellow hat this way, right now it’s got a wire that was meticulously sewn under the brim and it has slowly slid around and become looser, plus the wires keep trying to catch my hair.

edit: I sure did spend way too much time (about 2h? my hands are tired now) cramming a new wire into the yellow hat, then cramming the old wire into the brim beside the new wire. But I experimented with some ideas and maybe the next time I do this it’ll go faster.

I really need to keep my eyes open for more straw hats of various colors; I had another red one that seems to have gotten left somewhere recently, and there used to be a black one, too, and I feel like I am at the stage of my life where a purple one could work… they’ll show up when I need them, I’m sure.

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