Sky Radio

“hey peggy whatcha gonna do today”

“i dunno”

“how about you get excited about a new spiritual sequel to jet set radio, get stoned, and spend two hours drawing your fursona in that style while listening to an online radio station inspired by JSR’s soundtrack?”

“sounds good to me”

Illustrator, with a different flow to it than usual. Looping back to where I was when I was a fan of Mignola’s big solid blacks combined with constant-width lines, dropping my recent reliance on a whole lot of shading and highlighting to conceal color decisions that just don’t work from a value contrast level, leaving a few bits of rough work in the final piece, stepping back from my usual phobia of any obviously-linear elements. Kinda feels like Ronald Wimberley’s stuff more than anything else, to me.

Maybe I’ll draw the next chapter of Parallax like this instead of all that painting. I learnt a lot by doing all that painting but I miss high-contrast solid color stuff.

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