Imminent kittens

Tonight I went outside to take out the recycling. I heard this piercing MEW from somewhere on the porch as I did so. I looked around, seeing nothing… until I looked up, and saw a small stripey kitten, clinging desperately to the transom window above the door to the other half of the shotgun double we live in.

Looks like the kittens our neighbor has been helping Shadow (the resident cat matriarch) with are starting to get adventurous. I climbed on one of the chairs we keep out on the porch and deftly plucked the little mewbeast, and Nick rang the doorbell. In a moment one of the neighbors came to the door and was, well, mostly glad to see the little lost kitty – taking care of a half dozen or so kittens has to be kind of wearying!

Soon they will be going outside on a more regular basis, and eventually start vanishing into the neighborhood. Maybe some will stick around, who knows. We have human neighbors, and we have cat neighbors, and we try to be good neighbors to both kinds. Except for that one big stripey orange cat who Shadow always hisses at when he sneaks up onto the porch to swipe the food we leave out. I stick my head out the door and hiss at him too.

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