a fun day of thieving

Well. That was fun.


I was sitting in the park relaxing with a book. A couple of kids came up from behind me on their bikes; one distracted me by asking if I’d seen a lost… iPhone… anywhere around… a… black.. one (guess what was sitting next to me, guess what color my dress was) while his buddy lifted my purse out of my bike basket. And then they took off. A moment later I realized what had happened and gathered my stuff and hopped on my bike; amazingly, I found them a moment later, with my purse in the hands of a third, older person who was going through it. If I’d had the presence of mind to yell STOP THIEF then maybe the little crowd of people passing them when I came up might have stopped them from running; as is they dropped my bag and took off in separate directions. One of them with my wallet in hand.

At least I still had my phone. And my keys.

So after cycling around trying to get lucky again, I gave up and called the bank a couple of times to cancel the cards in there; the second time around I got told they’d tried to use the credit card for $200 at an address a short ride away. Which turned out to be a bank.

I went there, hoping to get lucky and get my ID and wallet, but they seem to have kept that, or just thrown it away. I found a bunch of other junk from my wallet in the parking lot – business cards, stickers, a couple of cards for Seattle’s transit system, shit like that, but no ID.

I am now very glad that I have a passport sitting around the house, because I haven’t gotten around to getting a Louisiana ID yet. I figure it’s a lot easier to get an ID with the proper gender on it with actual F documentation. And I am also very glad I don’t keep my social security card in my wallet, or have any PINs written down in it. I’m just out twenty or forty bucks and some stress. And a nifty leather wallet with the BPRD symbol on it.

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