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Today I got out of bed and spent a couple of hours taking Wikipedia’s lists of the largest movements of the Dow and adding which president it was under.

My initial guess was that most of Hoover’s percentage gains were when the stock price was bouncing off the cliff that began the Great Depression (1929-10/11), but it turns out all but one are later in his term. Part of me wants to add notes to the chart correlating each up and down with whatever was going on in the world, maybe a little mini-timeline showing where each entry was in the president’s term(s), and maybe add in another chart of the overall Dow, and maybe also overlay income inequity on that, but I already spent two hours on this thing and would like to get back to drawing comics.

All logos are traced off of campaign materials. Mostly auto-traced except for that totally fabulous McKinley logo and the FDR letters. I could have just autotraced a cleaner image in both cases but I really liked the look of those font choices.

White/black names and reddish/blueish colors indicate Democrats/Republicans. Older ones are generally more ‘faded’-feeling colors.

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