a handful of commissions

I needed to take a break from Parallax so I spent a couple of weeks doing some commissions instead. There’s at least one more in the pipe, but it won’t be done for a bit, so I decided to post these.

An unflattering portrait of Alicia’s cat Savannah, with some stylistic cues from Gerald Scarfe.

I could have probably gotten it a lot more Scarfey if all my real media wasn’t packed away, but I think I still managed to get some of his energy in this.

Crowyote: a tricky, distractable shifting hybrid of two tricksters.

Sometimes they can fly. Let’s hope this is one of those days.

“Peggy can you draw me and my SO as a pushmi-pullyu taur, dancing?”

Yes. Yes, I can.

The cover from an obscure cult classic of 90s sci-fi, wherein an androgyne from a society of dinosaur-like people discovers some worrisome truths about what powers their Sufficiently Advanced Technology.

This is actually book 3 of Malachite’s “Octahedron Sequence”, though not advertised as such on the cover. Malachite (generally thought to be a pseudonym, though nobody has any idea who for) vanished without a trace after the publication of the fourth book of what that volume’s concluding Author’s Note said had begun to look more like a hexology than the trilogy it was originally solicited as.

And finally here is a link to a smutty commission I also did as part of this batch.

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