For Sale: Tarot prints.

Back in 2008, I drew what would eventually become the traditional portion of the Tarot of the Silicon Dawn, and made big prints of those images for a gallery show. Most of ’em sold; the rest went into my closet. A few years later, I moved to Seattle, and brought the ones that didn’t sell all the way across the country with me.

I’m moving to New Orleans now and I really don’t wanna haul all of them another couple thousand miles.

Here’s what’s available:

(edit: a lot of these sold pretty quickly, thank you everyone! I’m down to three now, none of which are the super-bulky Majors.)

2×3’ Majors: Fortune, Lovers, Hanged, Temperance.

Suggested price $50, plus shipping – looks like $45 to the West Coast, $70 to the East, none if you’re in Seattle. Everything but the Lovers has had some interest, I’m waiting to see what folks think of the shipping before I mark ’em as sold.

sorry, both claimed!

Both of these are gone too. That felt good.

12×20” Courts: Queen of Wands, Chevaliers of Wands, Pentacles, and Swords, King of Pentacles

I don’t have a photo of her, she’s got the same frame and border treatment as the others. :)

both of these are gone now, yay!

these two are both sold now, hooray!

yay, these are both sold too!

9×13” Minors: 3w (above), 10s, 5p, 5s, 5w, 7c.

Both of these are SOLD, thanks genie friend <3

oop, sorry, this lady and her reflection are sold!

I didn’t take photos of these last two, they’re framed exactly like the other Minors.

Also I have this:

She’s two feet across, acrylics, glows in the dark/UV, and may contain an uncharged “guardian” enchantment for your home. $200 suggested price, make me an offer.

All the Tarot prints are one-off giclée prints, done on a huge printer with like eight or nine different ink tanks for a wide color gamut.

Suggested prices are $30 for the Minors, $40 for the Courts, and $50 for the Majors, plus shipping – I don’t have shipping estimates right now, if anyone out of town wants one I’ll get some. But honestly if you are in Seattle you can pretty much name your price as long as you’re willing to come pick it up yourself and give me some cash.

(Shipping estimates: minors can fit in a USPS flat rate box to anywhere in the US for $15. Majors look to range from $50 to ship to CA, to $70 for New Jersey. Might be a bit more for someone in the Gulf South. Haven’t gotten one for any Courts yet.)

Comment here or send me some email at and we’ll work things out.

  1. It’s coincidence that I hung the Queen of Swords print the following month. I’ve been effectively displaced for the past five years, but now I finally have a cool bedroom again, and I wanted your piece to be part of it.

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