Shared Wish

Today I wandered around with no real goal in mind. I had a book and I had my computer and I didn’t feel like working on the comics. Instead I drew some weird smut based on a fantasy that’s been kicking around my head.

NSFW art: explicit cartoon nudity, weird cartoon perversions, self-love.

The results of a fantasy in which

  1. A fox is turned into a genie; with her body turned into a golden statue of herself with a giant erection that serves the role normally fulfilled by a lamp or a bottle.
  2. A horny dragon sits on this statue and… rubs, let’s say.
  3. The genie, of course, comes out of the tip of this cock, filling the dragon up with Magic Pink Genie Smoke.
  4. Perverse merging happens.
  5. “I wish I could come like this all day!” “Wish granted.”

Click on the images for high-res.

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