a terrible vixen

I drew a friend’s bad goth vixen last night. Very NSFW.

I spent about two hours on these, about half of which was spent wrestling with the perspective transforms for the background tiles, which are still not really done correctly but I am not about to go back in and fix them.

Then I went to bed. And lay there with my brain thinking about ways to make the perspective happen. Eventually I had to get up and try an idea. It didn’t work any better, but since I was there in front of the computer, I did a few size edits because I am a pervert whose brain was permanently bent when I encountered the work of Doug Winger at a formative age.

Also for what it’s worth these are all heavily referenced off of something I found in DuckDuckGo’s first page of results for “woman at urinal”.

Click on any of these for a higher-resolution PNG version, if you want to fill your desktop with this kind of filth or something.

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