the most casual of gaming

Out of the jillions of games available for iOS, I keep on coming back to Bejeweled. There’s a handful of games installed on my phone but that’s the only one that ever really gets any play; mostly in its “Butterflies” mode, which is turn-based, and requires no investment in remembering what you were doing from moment to moment – perfect for a game that has to be juggled with keeping an eye out for my bus stop, and could be paused for a week until the next time I’m on the bus and don’t feel like reading.

I used to mix it up with a Puzzle Bobble/Bust-A-Move clone (also from Popcap, I think) but quit when I started getting nothing but levels designed to make you cough up the in-app purchases on that. If iOS wasn’t such a walled garden I’d consider sticking MAME on there with the appropriate ROM, but that sure is work. Although writing this made me do some rudimentary duckgoing for “puzzle bobble ios” and discover Puzzle Bobble Journey. Which has IAP but sounds like it also has a decent amount of distraction before hitting that wall.

I should maybe try looking for more turn-based stuff for the phone but honestly I don’t really want to have a ton of that in my life.

  1. I’m rather fond of Bejeweled’s Poker mode. It’s definitely a collection that has staying power. I still like the classic collection more than any of the later versions like Blast or Stars… And for some reason I really really love the song that plays with the Butterflies mode. :D

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