an ending

Today was supposed to be D&D but I woke up just knowing it was time to leave the campaign; I just don’t have the energy or enthusiasm for getting it rolling again after multiple spring holidays disrupted it for a month or two. Especially with a new player coming in. So bowing out of that with some (hopeful) measure of grace was… fun.

I hope this isn’t the death knell for the entire campaign. I will feel bad if it is. But leaving feels better than continuing to be part of it and spending my Sundays failing to play a role that I just don’t have my heart in any more.

Anyway. Back to work, I guess. Comics ain’t gonna draw themselves.

(later: looks like two of the other three original players decided to bow out as well. Might be continuing with the one remaining original player, the new one, and another new one. Good luck to them and the GM.)

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