the dream of the centipede ritual

This morning I woke up from a dream that Donald Tump was riding a giant centipede around the perimeter of the entire continental US as part of some magical ritual to claim the whole country. It was not pleasant.

Then we went to the computer repair shop to pick up Nick’s laptop and they said the SSD had stopped working when they put it back together. They’re gonna see if they can do anything with it and we’ll pick it up again tomorrow. In the meantime I pulled out the old Air and set up an account on it for him, so he can actually have the option to leave the apartment again.

I am still not entirely sure the tradeoff of Retina screen and a faster CPU versus the Air’s ability to spend a whole day out working on art without the battery getting anywhere near empty was a good one. Picking it up to start setting it up for him reminded me how incredibly light it feels, even without factoring in the fact that I’ve started habitually carrying the power brick around with the Pro…

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