Parallax: starting to go public.

Today I finished page VX-8 of Parallax. Posted it to Patreon, felt good about making some money with my art. And then I posted the previous page to the comic site, and let the social media plugins do their stuff. They didn’t all seem to actually work but I will fiddle with that later. I also posted the first three pages to Furaffinity. In their entirety, not as teaser crops – since I make all my money from Patreon these days, there’s no need to drive people to my own page for those ad impression pennies. I plan to keep doing that; that’s where a lot of my fanbase hangs out, and this will keep them aware of the fact that I’m doing this thing. And maybe pick up a few more supporters as the pages bounce through people’s favorites and whatnot.

Part of me wanted to hold off on going semi-public until I had a few finished Mixolyne pages as well. But those are just beginning, and are going to be pretty dense  to draw. I doubt they’ll be done until next month. And now that I’ve had a first month of actually getting money from the comic I feel like it’s time to get serious about getting it in front of people’s eyeballs. I should probably buy some ads or something, too.

It’s starting to feel like a real project now. There’s a lot of pages to pile up before it’s done. How many, I’m not sure; the first story alone looks to be about fifty to seventy pages. Enough to be a small book, really. About a year’s worth of work if I keep up a pace of one page a week; I’m hoping that it’ll get faster once we start hitting scenes where I can reuse background elements instead of having to design a ton of scenery for every page. I wonder what things will be like for me, Nick, and the world when we finish that chapter? Here’s hoping the answer is “generally better”.

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