getting back in (something like) the groove

It feels so good to be posting stuff to Patreon again. Four pages went up this month, and a couple new pledges showed up as well. I should be making around $300-350 or so for drawing comics about cartoon animals in space this month. It ain’t paying anywhere near my rent, and probably won’t be any time soon – Parallax is a lot slower to draw than Rita was, what with being full color, having a lot more stuff to design (especially this early in the story), and regularly having two to three times as many panels per page (not counting that one climactic chapter of Rita with 3x-25x as many panels per page as the rest of the book) – but fuck yes I’m back on the path to making a modest living doing nothing but drawing the kind of comics I want to see in the world, on a schedule that’s not the wrist-ruining pace of cranking out part of an entire issue every month. I get to do all the art in my own idiosyncratic way instead of having to do just pencils, inks, colors, or lettering as part of the assembly line evolved back in the 1930s, and I don’t need to worry about some straight white boy from deepest darkest Trumpistania screaming that my queer ass is Ruining Comics Forever and trying to get me fired.

Hopefully drawing pages will get a bit faster, as I design more and more of the stuff Parallax needs, and start being able to just load up a set of styles to quickly turn a rough into final art, and maybe snag a background here and there to re-use. And hopefully I’ll also continue to see a slow growth of the Patreon like I was seeing when I was regularly doing Rita. I might start posting pages to the art sites I have a presence on as well as my own site; might even drop a few bucks on advertising here and there. Draw a bit faster, get more folks reading my stuff with some modest subset of them willing to drop a tiny amount in the tip jar, eventually it’s something like a career. (And as always, I’m pretty damn thankful to the people willing to support my stuff on Patreon.)

The Internet has brought us many things, good and bad. But it sure has made doing independent comics a hell of a lot more possible.

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