lucky findings

Well. That was a nice surprise.

Me and Nick have been talking about how we wanted to get a new bookshelf to give the overflow books a place to live, once this kitchen work is done. (The whole thing’s been ripped open to check for leaks. Which were not there. And we’re about to go into the third weekend with dust everywhere and no kitchen.) This morning we were discussing a few other things we need – a hand-held vacuum to help deal with sucking up all the dust from the kitchen not-remodelling, maybe an air purifier to deal with that as well. So there I was walking from my apartment to one of my regular breakfast haunts, contemplating how much all of this shit was gonna cost, and feeling grumpy about that…

…and then I came out of the alley and walked past the YMCA, and found some furniture by the curb with a sign reading FREE. And one of these pieces was a black Ikea BILLY shelf unit. Exactly what I still had a tab open in the browser for from looking last night.

I went home and grabbed Nick. He raised some possible objections about Bedbug Fear but some quick browsing of the net suggests that it’s really not likely to be a problem. We picked it up and hauled it the half-block home through the alley – my place is on the opposite side of the same block as the YMCA – and put it up. Lost one of the pegs along the way; it turned out to have fallen out when we picked the whole unit up, and I found that too.

So hey, that’s about a hundred bucks I don’t have to spend on buying shelves and having them shipped here, plus an hour or two of assembly saved. Thank you, universe! Maybe I’ll be getting that air purifier that looks like a space dragon’s egg after all.

Later, after breakfast: I spent about an hour putting books on the shelves, with no real order – just getting them off the floor was my main priority, though I did try to keep some series together. Especially the ones that were mostly in one clump already. The shelves are almost entirely full, and probably will be full once I get the last couple stacks of books from around the coffee table. This is, to be honest, about what I expected would happened. I’d measured the height of all the stacks last week when we started talking seriously about getting a new bookshelf, and calculated that we had around thirty shelf-feet of books without a shelf to go on…

click for an image just barely big enough to zoom in on and judge me and Nick for our book choices.

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