A Fancy Lad

So today’s D&D session was a bit of a weird one. The DM had recently pulled the curtain back and revealed that half of our identities were false, due to us actually being emissaries from a city that had come unstuck in time, trying to make sure our homeland continued to exist. We spent the session group brainstorming random bits of history to hook things into – a player would pick an aspect of their past to dig into, and then everyone else would roll a d20 and the high roller would fill in some of the gaps.

This is one of the new bits of the backstory of my character. He is a shy, bookish dragonborn teen who is amazingly oblivious to how hot he is; he and Saranté would hang out and shoplift together and join slam poetry contests together. They got good enough at the former to gain the notice of the thieves’ guild (“join up or stop stealing on our turf”) and good enough at the latter to pick up the odd Honorable Mention or third prize at the poetry contests.

I didn’t intend for him to look this sexy, but it kinda happened in the sketch and I went with it.

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