so um yeah

we were stonedly discussing some stuff about parallax

then the subject drifted

and suddenly nick was proposing marriage

and it was mostly for legal reasons, we are pretty much married in all but name at this point but

holy shit did that conjure up some feelings

because “marriage” has a lot of shit tangled up in it

then we went back to talking about parallax but yeah i guess this is the day i got a marriage proposal and said yes

we are so not getting married anywhere near valentine’s day holy shit no

    • A pre-nup will definitely be a thing I suspect. Washington’s laws may not matter to us too much longer if some of our plans work out, we keep toying with moving to sunnier climes…

      (edit: and actually now that i’ve read a quick overview of what ‘community property’ is it really doesn’t sound too far afield from how I’d wanna handle our finances anyway. But I should probably find a lawyer to talk to about this stuff at some point.)

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