A candid admission, with the excuse of maybe still being a tiny bit tipsy from the Mastodon meetup I was at tonight.

Every now and then when I am walking down the street I see a magnificent ass. Maybe it’s a man ass. Maybe it’s a lady ass. Maybe it’s an enby ass. Maybe it’s a fat one with a glorious jiggle. Maybe it’s a tight little square of muscle. Maybe it’s a perfectly curvy one. There are a lot of ways an ass can be magnificent and I’ve probably had my eye caught by all of them over time.

And for a brief instant a part of me wants to grab that ass. To squeeze it, to caress it, to cup its beautifulness with my fingers. To savor it with my touch.

But because I am a civilized adult, I do nothing. I continue on my way to wherever I am going, and let the owner of this magnificent ass get on with their own business. Unmolested, unworshipped, undisturbed.

Anyway. It’s bedtime. I’m gonna take my own ass to bed. And maybe I’ll ogle it in the mirror first. Because ass.

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