shower thoughts: Robin Hood, 2017

This is of course completely just some brainstorming on ideas for an exciting near-future thriller plot and not at all a thing I would ever do, or encourage anyone else to do.

1. Acquire as many identity databases as possible. Experian, etc.
2. Filter for CEOs, politicians, banksters, other members of the 1%. And of course everyone who’s reaping the financial benefits of hoarding all this identity data with garbage security in front of it.
3. Apply for spurious loans/mortgages/etc in their name. Automate this process if you can, but be very careful to cover your tracks. Don’t do it for long.
4. Don’t be greedy: distribute what you get around the community, anonymously. Put boxes of $100 bills in homeless encampments with notes (that you didn’t print on your own printer) encouraging sharing. Use the grey economy to launder it. Whatever. Steal from the rich, and give to the poor. Do not keep enough in your possession that you now qualify as “rich”.
5. Publish guides to doing this.
6. Never speak of this in front of any device with a microphone. Consider destroying any devices involved in doing this on a regular basis.
7. ???
8. Enjoy watching the ensuing chaos. Possibly from another country under another name.

There are of course many details to be worked out in this. Made for a pleasant shower fantasy, though.

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