dragon lewds

So I spent the last couple of weeks in the final crunch for a comic deadline. It was worth it, it’s for a weekly anthology coming out this February from Image, called “Twisted Romance”. But I needed to unwind after getting that done today. I ended up sitting at the computer, wanting to draw stuff, with no desire to pick up a Big Project and work on it. And, as usually happens when I draw with no particular aim in mind, I ended up drawing one of my characters being sexy.

And then I drew multiple layers of boob sizes. And then I dumped that all into Flash to sequence the drawings. And then I colored it. The shadows on the tits don’t animate smoothly but I really don’t care enough to fix it right now.

The image is here and is NSFW.

I kinda want to put this together in After Effects and try animating it in there. I have too many unhappy memories with Flash to want to really get into animating this in that. Though animating something entirely mine might be a nice antidote to some of those memories…

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