another year older

I turned 46 today.

Nick and I went out to a place in Fremont called “Simply Desserts” for a couple of slices of really, really good cake. And then we wandered around and found a coffee shop to open up our laptops and poke at stuff for a while. I got some decent progress done on the eight-page Parallax story I’ve been working on.

When we came home, I opened up Twitter, and saw that the person running the anthology that story’s gonna be in was talking about it, so I retweeted her tweets about it, and then went over to and wrote about it there.

I am pretty excited about this thing: it’s an anthology I got invited to be in, versus one that was a general call for entries that I got accepted to; it’s also going to be my first appearance in a floppy* distributed to comic shops all over the country. It’s called “Twisted Romance” and you can read about it here – bug your local comic shop to order it if it sounds cool!

It was an interesting challenge to do this. Romance is not my usual genre but I think I managed to achieve a decent story about a crucial moment in two people’s relationship to each other. And do it in a mere eight pages. And deliver it on a deadline**.

I thought about buying myself some kind of birthday present but I really couldn’t think of a single damn thing I wanted. I guess announcing that will do. That and the weed we bought on the way home. Time to order a pizza, curl up in the living room, and get stoned off my ass.


* “floppy”: a single issue of a comic book

** Well okay I haven’t actually delivered it yet, the deadline’s the end of the month. If I add up all the pages that are halfway done then I’ve just got about two pages of eight left to do, plus the sketched-but-not-colored cover, and I can do that easily.

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