the end of an era

I just tweaked the front page of the site and removed the link to my now-dormant Livejournal. It hasn’t been updated since March, when LJ’s Russian owners put up a new TOS that banned queer content; the WordPress-to-Livejournal autoposter has been returning an error every time I posted a blog entry since then. Feels weird to do that; I met Nick on there, did a lot of growing up, and kinda figured it would stick around for a long time. But there it is. Things change.

I also got rid of the link to my old DA account, which has been dormant for years because I get next to no activity on anything I post there.

But the real reason I was in there was to switch the Mastodon link to point to my account on instead of my account on – and to move it higher up in the list than my increasingly-dormant Twitter account.

And while I was there I also added a link to Parallax to the ‘comics’ section of the front page.

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