general state of the dragon

And while I’m here at my blog: let me note some various things going on.

Halloween has passed, and with it comes the fall. Which means I definitely need to start turning on the 2′ square sun lamp whenever I get out of bed. But some mornings I am too grumpy to do that, and I sit around in the grey wondering why I feel sad and useless. So I went to the hardware store and grabbed a little mechanical timer. Now when I crawl out of bed in the morning, the light is pretty much always on, which means my body gets the message to wake up and I have some chance of feeling like a happy person who has energy to do stuff.

I have inched closer and closer to finishing off drawing in all of the books for the high-end backers. I have two books left to draw in; once I figure out how to approach the thing one backer asked me to draw, and draw the ‘I guess I’m completely done with this at last’ thing I’ve decided to do in the last remaining book, I will grab some boxes and start shipping that out. Being done with that is going to feel really good.

I have mostly been splitting my time between two things: drawing an 8-Parallax story that’s going to be the backup for one issue of a 4-issue series coming from Image early next year, and starting to tweak my Mastodon instance. I’d prefer to be drawing Drowning City right now, but this slot was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up (exposure AND money!) and the deadline is the end of this month. And on the Mastodon front, I now have a working local instance to start poking at some new feature ideas with, and to start doing some major style reworking.

Finally, I put a bird feeder up outside my apartment window a couple of weeks ago. After a week or so, birds finally started showing up, and now I constantly see little birds flitting to and from it. Knowing that I’m making life a little better for a few tiny birds makes me feel amazingly happy. I might get another one soon; this one’s too small for crows to perch on, and that’s who I really wanted to feed.

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