the dream of something like a family reunion

So there I was in a dream house full of what feels in retrospect like a family reunion. Grandpa was there, then I left to get something and came back, and Grandma and Mom were there. No Dad, no Grandma M. And an assortment of Black people who had the aura of “relative” to me and is there something nobody ever told me about my family tree. Maybe it's just something to do with whoever bought my grandparents' house, I dunno. Or maybe it's just what my brain chose to make up while dreaming.

There was some wandering around and chatting and a lady who was cosplaying some kind of circuit-themed character whose outfit I complimented but nothing much happened. Just kind of a family reunion.

Never went to one of those in real life. My family was pretty fragmented. But there you are.

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