some stoned thinking about money

I got stoned for a while this morning and found this in Evernote. It may in part be a reaction to spending a long weekend in Vegas (a friend was having a go at a couple poker tournaments there) and feeling revulsion at the constant display of the Fake Bling that you will surely come into at any minute if you just slip another quarter into this machine’s slot.


cryptocurrencies as a device for converting 4channers into value


1/ build cryptocurrency trading bots that can interface to an exchange and trade between pretty much any currency that pops up
2/ train on as much historical data as you can scrape up
3/ run a small swarm of them, each seeded with a few bucks you can afford to consider a complete loss right now
5/ profit
4////// spend as much time as you care/can afford to on optimizing these bots
4/////// hopefully not including the amount of effort sufficient to create an entire simulated economy complete with an entire world populated with self-aware AIs
4//////// just so you can make a few more bucks in crypto, that’s just plain nasty
okay alternatively so like
consider money as a series of etheric flows that can be redirected to provide energy to one part or another of society
investing is like connecting pipes of this stuff between different people/ideas/ways of living
money is just a name we have given to this transit system for human energy and effort
 and some people have become obsessed with just getting high scores in how much they hold at one time
so they just want to obstruct the pipes and set up a huge pile of what should be a constantly-flowing substance, like a clot hanging there in the middle of a bloodstream
and whether or not things break when it finally lets go really depends on how flexible the pipes are
so what i’m saying is that i really hope the financial system of this country is more like a bunch of rubber hoses than a bong, because i keep on feeling like something is gonna burst soon
(puts her money where her mouth is: asks her investment counsellor to talk about redirecting some of her excess personal etheric flows to charities/dsa)

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