Last night, I was snacking on a handful of trail mix in the kitchen. One piece missed my mouth and ended up on the floor. Call it slovenliness, call it winter depression, whatever you like; I left it there.

Later on when I came into the kitchen to start some dinner, there was a crowd of ants around it. I was tired, and still pretty low on energy in general, so I just sighed and did what I was in there to do without stepping on them or cleaning it up. I would’ve had to figure out how to get rid of them, preferably with a minimum amount of killing ants or getting bitten, and it just felt like work. I’d deal with it in the morning, I figured.

When I got up this morning, the bit of trail mix was gone, and so were the ants. Hooray for peaceful resolution of my conflicts.

I should still probably finally take out the trash that’s been accumulating for a few weeks, though.

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