Pillow Pile again.

Yesterday morning, I woke up with a thought in my head: it's time to stop sleeping in the pillow pile.

Last night I found myself missing it terribly. Stretching out on a flat surface feels weird now. There's nothing against my back. It's colder in my bedroom than on the living room. And a lot less generally cozy – I've put a little more effort into decorating the living room over time and it shows.

I guess I can remedy some of this. Pillows to snuggle against when there's not a lover in my bed. But it feels like such an uphill battle when I could just go back to the living room most nights.

The bed's advantages: it's more suited to having another person sleep next to me, the padding doesn't get pushed out of the center and result in hips resting uncomfortably on the floor (I mean I can turn the Comfy Sack over and refluff it to fix this every few days but I'm lazy), and I feel more likely to actually get up and leave the room and maybe exercise or something, because there's not the constant temptation of “hey the video games are RIGHT THERE” when I wake up.

But damn do I miss the Dragon Hibernaculum right now.

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