My First Worldest Problem Ever

As I was sitting in the coffee shop in Westlake Center drawing Absinthe, my handheld keyboard started acting wonky. Probably because it ran out of power. It’s impossible to tell if it’s out of battery because Windows doesn’t show the power level of Bluetooth devices like my Mac does, but experience has taught me this is usually why it misbehaves.

I looked in my bag and had, as I feared, left the USB cable to recharge it at home.

This is the most first world problem I have ever had in my life. I have to stop drawing my goofy pornographic comic because the chord keyboard I use along with the tablet computer I draw on is out of power.

(I’m downtown, and could maybe find a cable – but I’d have to get a USB 3/2 adapter as well and just, ugh, too much stuff, easier to pop home and grab it.)

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