So somehow I have become a woman who has three Wacom styli kicking around her apartment.

Well actually a woman who has three Wacom styli and two Twiddlers kicking around her apartment.

One stylus lives on the coffee table in the studio, next to the comfy chair.

One stylus lives in the living room, next to the even more comfortable Comfy Sack.

And one lives in my bag, so it’s always there when I’m going out.

One Twiddler hangs out in the bag, and gets borrowed when I want to draw in the studio; the other lives in the living room. So all I need to do is move the tablet from room to room, and maybe its power brick. Man that power brick is huge and I really should try and find a smaller one that will feed the hungry Wacom beast but be something I can put in my bag for a weekend trip.

(And actually I have four Wacom styli; the one on the studio desk is special, because it only works with the older tablet on the desk – the other three are all different generations of pens, but they all work with both the Mobile Studio and the travel Intuos that’s increasingly gathering dust and should probably be passed on to someone who needs an upgrade from whichever Baby’s First Wacom Tablet they’re stuck with. All of them except the one that came with the Mobile Studio have the spring nib; there’d be one in all of them, but the MS’s pen isn’t physically compatible with it. I’m gonna be really sad if they’re phasing those out.)

I’m not quite sure how this happened. I really feel kind of like a useless Eloi. On the other hand the price of having a stylus and Twiddler close to hand in any place I’m likely to have the Mobile Studio and want to work is probably nothing compared to what some of my real media friends have spent on markers alone in the past.

This is what my adulthood looks like and it really bears absolutely no resemblance to what I thought it was gonna be when I was a kid. A fucking tablet computer that I carry from room to room to draw on. And a President straight out of every piece of late eighties comedic doom SF.

(And actually I know exactly how it happened: the stylus I used with the travel Intuos works with the Mobile Studio, so that started hanging out on the coffee table, next to where the Magic Sketchbook sits to recharge. And grabbing the Magic Sketchbook (and maybe its power brick) and the Twiddler and the Twiddler cheat sheet and the stylus and the little stylus stand so I have somewhere to put it when it’s not in my hand turned out to be just annoying enough to either juggle in one hand (probably with a glass of water or somesuch in the other hand as well) or make multiple trips for such tiny, fiddly things that my well-off ass felt pretty justified in saying “imma get a third stylus so I have two less things to fiddle with when I wanna curl up in the living room and draw”; the second Twiddler happened because I thought I lost the first one and I was already pretty close to the point where I started to hit a lot of the keys without thinking. Last night I found myself trying to Twiddle words in the air while I was falling asleep…)

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