Making a mess with a bunch of art brushes I have lying around. I went into this with absolutely no plan and just let it develop; it’s a hell of a lot more painterly than my usual approach.

To a certain degree this feels like how the Magic Sketchbook “wants” to be drawn in. This is mostly metaphorical; I feel that different media are good at different things, and that they “want” to be used in the ways that are mostly what they’re good at. Drawing on the screen in Illustrator is a different process from drawing in Illustrator with a separate screen and tablet; I can still easily shift back to the ways I normally work, and I could do this on a separate screen and tablet, but something in the setup is just pulling me this way.

We’ll see if this is a new artistic direction or just a thing I fool around with for a while.
Illustrator, about 2.5 hours.

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