music does things sometimes

I’ve been intermittently trying to make myself exercise every morning. I haven’t been beating myself up or viewing it as a ***failure*** if I don’t; I just get a little annoyed and move on. And this weekend I didn’t do it for a few days in a row.

But this morning I got up and told iTunes to start playing something. It chose Deavid Soul’s “Sparkling Music”, which I have because there were a few tracks from it on the soundtrack to Jet Set Radio.

Holy fucking shit I don’t know what came over me, I was doing burpees to it for a bit before jumping into the shower. Which are like one of the most miserable full-body exercises in the whole world.

And now to figure out what today’s to-dos are. Probably “deal with some final eccc and rita printing decisions”, “pick up a prescription from the drugstore”, and “build a template for Parallax”. Maybe “try to get RadialMenu working on the Mobile Studio” and/or “find a usbc adaptor so I can use the Twiddler with the Mobile Studio on the plane”.

But first “breakfast”…

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