foodhole thoughts

Thinking about my shape. Thinking about my weight. Thinking about how my eating habits have dropped back to their pretty horrible defaults, which involve a ton of cheap fast carbs.

Made some bacon for breakfast for the first time in ages instead of going out to Morsel for bacon and eggs and honey butter and a biscuit that it’s all on. It was tasty and I am fed but not overfull.

Thinking about moving on from pole dance but I’m not sure what to. Still gotta keep myself in shape somehow, and having an external structure helps a lot. Gotta at least go back to a simple exercise routine or something while I ponder that. I should also drop by the pole studio and say “thanks, it’s been fun, but I think it’s time to either get super serious about this or move on” if I’m gonna stop.

  1. Lately I’ve been trying to walk for at least an hour a day whenever I can. Given that I’ve (finally) quit my job to go freelance I have plenty of hours when I can make that happen. :)

    Also, do you still use the chin-up bar? I got one based on your occasional posts about it, and lately I’ve gotten a lot more serious about using it. That’s done wonders for my arms, and I also use it to work my core a bit.

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