New Years Eve Doodles

I spent most of New Year’s Eve at a party hosted by Nick’s friends. I spent some time talking, drinking, and eating, but mostly I sat around drawing silly things.


Suggestions from people who would quite happily be pitching for those higher tiers.

image image image

I accidentally introduced Nick to “It’s My Beak” the other day, so I drew the rollerskating duck from the video to annoy him


“That top dude looks like if the Brothers Chaps did a SF cartoon.”

*draws more stuff that deliberately looks that way*
image image image image

Keith Hairy is my new graffiti handle.


I have a long-standing vow: if someone says “Draw me a yiffy vixen, Peggy!”, I will do so for free, and do my best to make them regret it with the drawing.

This one succeeded.

Then Nick and I got a ride back to my place and lounged in the living room cuddling. We spent most of the next day playing Assault Android Cactus on his computer; I unlocked a bunch of stuff in it because I have been playing that sort of game for decades. Looking forwards to the PS4 release of it.





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