why I rarely watch video on the internet

them: [link to a vlog about something]

me: I don’t have an attention span built for video. This man is talking.
me: I had to stop my music to hear him talking and he wasn’t more interesting that the Shiny Toy Guns.

(They hadn’t watched the video either, if you were wondering.)

I think that exchange pretty much sums up my attitude to pretty much any video content on the internet. When I’m browsing the net at home, I have music playing pretty much all the time and I really just do not want to stop it unless it feels like it will actually be worth engaging my entire brain to watch whatever this is.

This is also why I hate tools that only come with video tutorials instead of text manuals. I just wanna learn what @#$% keys do what so I can fool around with it, I do not need synchronized sound and video to tell me that.

  1. I’d be fine with short clips embedded in text tutorials, but the ART OF THE TUTORIAL seems to be lost among software creators these days, and the Gee-wiz factor of cheap and easily shared video content hasn’t worn off

  2. Yeah my biggest fucking pet peeve right now is someone making a 10-minute-long poorly-edited ramble on how to do a basic thing that has, like, three steps, none of which actually need to be shown in video form. I wonder if it’s because YouTube is an easy way to get content monetized?

    On very very rare occasion if I’m trying to look up how to do something in Logic or Photoshop or whatever, the video is slightly useful, but usually I just want:

    1. where the feature is
    2. how to use it, if it isn’t obvious
    3. MAYBE a screenshot of the feature
    4-1384719419. literally ANYTHING ELSE
    1384719420. a video

  3. THIS! The worst culprits are those sites that are little more that placeholders for an embed from YouTube, Vimeo or (for added argh) some service that I don’t use.

    Even Envato’s Tuts+ service, which normally does great step-by-steps and which I love, occasionally lapsed into just putting up a screencast.

    And I too like to listen to music most of the day, and find it a pain to have to stop that if I want to check out a video.

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