at long last, a beginning

This morning, I opened up Illustrator.

And I opened up the template I’d made at my table at APE. And I opened up a script. And the experimental drawings.

And I roughed out the first page of Drowning City.

It’s a real thing, now. At some point in the next few days I’ll start painting that page. Or I might rough out most of the rest of the chapter first. I’m not sure.

Can I make it live up to what I want it to be? I think so. I’ve learnt a lot since initially coming up with it back in 1995. I feel like my outline is solid, and I’m confident I can fill in the gaps now.

Right now, though, I should go get something to eat. I didn’t bother with breakfast and I have a bit of a headache.

(Other things I should do: get at least a basic skeleton of the website for Drowning City together, brainstorm some sample story outlines for Parallax. But not right now.)

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