I just uploaded the remainder of Decrypting Rita to my site. On November 3, the last page will go online.

It will be four and a half years since I drew the first pages with no real idea of where the story was going beyond a vague idea that it might be cool to do something with multiple stories running on the page at once. Over the course of this comic, I have printed two books (and will be running the Kickstarter for the third soon). I have gone from doing tables in the artist’s alley at local cons to flying all over the country to break even at cons, and to getting together a group that holds down two corner booths at a megacon. I have acquired glowing quotes from one of my long-time idols and a couple of big names in modern SF. I lost my mother.

It’s been a long trip. I learnt a lot.

I wonder what I’ll learn during my next project.

I am not completely done with drawing the comic. I may do a second pass on the last chapter and add a few subtle things. I also need to fill in a few gaps in That Spread, either by getting art from friends who volunteered to do something, or by drawing something myself. But it’s finally done enough for me to post it.

I guess I’ll have something to tell the stuffed elephant on my bookshelf when I get home. Because that’s the closest thing to calling my mother with this news I have any more. And that makes me feel like all the hard work I’ve put into this project over the past few years doesn’t mean a damn thing. Have I said “fuck mortality” lately? Because fuck mortality.

I should go get some food. I’ve been sitting behind a convention table all day, with no food since breakfast.


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