best praise in weeks

So I’ve been slowly developing that to-do app with a friend. They’re doing all of the programming, because they’re looking for portfolio projects to find iOS dev gigs with.

I’d just grabbed the latest version off the repository and gotten it running on my own phone. The core features are starting to come together and I may be able to start using it soon, which is kind of exciting. While discussing this version, the following ensued:


Friend: Do you think you could commit the iOS8 version as a separate branch? Or did you even have to make any modifications?

me: All I had to do was to go into the project’s settings and change ‘deployment target’ to 8.1. And I had to change the bundle identifier a bit because we haven’t set up a team yet, and different individual users can’t use the same bundle identifier.
me: We’ll fix the latter when it gets close to the point where we’re ready to put it on the store, I figure. Tweaking that’s not a hassle at all. And the former is also a thing we’d be constantly changing back and forth to test on our own devices.

Friend: I’m really glad to work with you. You are very coherent and understand real laziness.

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