Armchair Sorceress

Armchair Sorceress

So way back in 2011, I was hanging around at Erin’s place and tried out her Cintiq. I did the rough sketch of this, and I think set the palette and did some of the basic shapes of the figure.


Then it got brought home and forgotten in my working files directory. Until today, when I looked at the Illustrator subreddit and saw a ‘monthly challenge’: draw a piece with no strokes and flat fills, no patterns or gradients or whatnot. I went digging and found this and finished it.

What looks like a pattern fill on the wall is actually a pair of ‘transform’ effects stacked in the appearance palette, and what looks like gradients in the wainscoting and the far edge of the floor are actually blends. Which, once upon a time, before I was actually using Illustrator, was the only way you had available to do what you mostly use gradients for now.

Her anatomy is a little weird here and there. Hey, 2011. And here’s me too lazy to fix it. I might fix some of the worst bits tomorrow morning. I dunno.

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