your own personal popeye

OH YEAH. I just hit the pull-up bar on my bathroom door and lifted my eyes up past it like it was nothing at all. Pole inverts, here I come.

Now I guess I get to start working on doing more pull-ups at once. And doing them slower. And lifting my legs up elegantly while doing them. There’s always something to make it more of a challenge. Maybe someday I’ll even go so far as to buy ankle weights.

(I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it here, but I’ve started doing pole dance class again at the new studio my former instructor set up. I went through a refresher on the entire syllabus for Pole 1 in one hectic day, and have been slowly working my way through Pole 2 at a more normal pace. Not being able to lift myself up cleanly with my arms has been really frustrating. Now I can, which should let me start inverting again soon. Now if I can just make myself attempt enough pole sits so that I can build up a tolerance for supporting my entire body weight on my inner thighs, I’ll be back in business.)

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